P. M. Chippers Woodcarving Club

Fact sheet


The P. M. Chippers, Inc (a non-profit corporation) is a woodcarving club formed in November 1982. The original members lived in Prattville, AL and Montgomery, AL, hence "P. M." in the title.

As stated in our constitution, the purpose of the club is: "To increase local community interest in all forms of woodcarving and to advance, encourage, and promote on behalf of interested persons the development of personal woodcarving skills."

The club currently has more than 50 members and meets on the second Monday of each month, 7:00 pm, at the Chisholm Community Center, Montgomery, AL. Visitors are welcome. At each meeting members and visitors are encouraged to carve on a small "project of the month", usually of the size and nature that carving can be completed during the meeting.

P. M. Chippers, Inc. sponsors the following activities:

The Southeastern Woodcarving School (SWS) each July since 1986. This year SWS-99 will be held at Hooper Academy, Hope Hull, AL on July 16 - 18, 1999. The school is a three (3) day event featuring noted carving instructors from throughout the Southeast. Classes in caricatures, birds, relief, realistic animals and others are offered. Craft classes are also offered for non-carvers.

Beginner and Intermediate woodcarving classes (eight weeks of instruction) each January and September at the Chisholm Community Center, Montgomery, AL. Since 1984, over 300 people have completed these classes and added another aspect of enjoyment to their lives.

Yearly woodcarving demonstrations at the South Alabama State Fair and the Montgomery Zoo Day.

Periodic weekend carving seminars featuring instructors from around the Southeast. Class content, date, time and place, to be announced.

Upon request, members of P. M. Chippers, Inc are available to demonstrate woodcarving at local schools, community centers, shopping areas and scouting days.

The P. M. Chippers, Inc. have donated several woodcarvings to community agencies:

Full size eagle with a six foot wing span, to the State of Alabama, Department of Conservation, State Parks Division, now on permanent display in the main lobby of Lake Guntersville State Park Lodge, Guntersville, AL.

Several full size carousel animals, including a horse and lion, to the South Alabama State Fair, Montgomery, AL.

Composite (quilt) of zoo animals to the Montgomery City Zoo, now on display at the Zoo's main offices.

For more information please write:

P. M. Chippers, Inc.
PMB 153
54 Dalraida Road
Montgomery, AL 36109

Or email: PMChippers@pobox.com


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