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APRIL 1998



The April meeting will be held at the Chisholm Community Center on April 13, 1998 at 7:00PM. The center is available to us from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. The monthly BOARD MEETING will be held from 6:30PM to 7:00PM before the meeting.


Have you ever been diagnosed with that mysterious disease, "Creeping Decrepitness?" Unfortunately, it appears that I have been inflicted. What are some of the symptoms? Most notably is losing track of what day meetings are to be held. This symptom is usually brought on by high activity that has nothing to do with meetings, but completely muddles the mind. For example, on Monday, March 9th, one afflicted with the disease (who shall remain nameless to shield him and his family from public ridicule and shame) was caught up in the frenzy of trying to free his floating dock (which had hung up on its mooring pipes) before the rapid rising waters of Lake Martin tore the pipes right out of the ground (all the while his "pe-tut" was freezing in his metal canoe as that was his only access to the floating dock). This was then exacerbated by the fact that the 8.25 inches of rain the previous two days had caused seepage in his downstairs area, which he mopped, and mopped, and finally conquered. Eventually, at 6 P.M., this poor, unfortunate, "creeping decrepitness" sufferer (who shall remain nameless), sunk into his chair for an evening of peace and quiet, only to pop out of his chair at 9:30 P.M. realizing that he had completely forgotten a meeting (or somesuch) which was supposed to have been held in a distant city. Alas, the poor smuck needs immediate treatment! Has this ever happened to you? Get help immediately!

Now, to more substantive things at hand:

There was a goodly group Saturday morning carve-in at the Community Center the last Saturday of February, and also a nice bunch at the Santuck Flea Market on March 7th, even though the weather was awful and people visiting the Flea Market did very little browsing. They generally ran out of their cars to whatever venue they had in mind and then ran back and drove off. I don't blame them. The weather was rotten. Hope it will be better on April 4. See you there about 6:30-7 AM?

There are rumors flying that on March 7th one of our P.M. Chippers members (who shall remain nameless to protect her From ridicule and shame) was seen defacing part of the permanent structure belonging to fellow member Bab Brand. Her flimsy justification for such licentious behavior was that she was just following the lead of a similar defacing of the same structure by a nameless past president of this organization. As a disciplinary measure for such action, on April 4th, she is to be tied to that structure and will not be released until such time as she either finishes the defacing project, or she is pelted with rotten tomatoes by passing browsers until she begs for mercy, whichever comes first.

At our meeting on April 13th we will be working on circus characters for the raffle at the SE Woodcarving School in July. Be there! See ya.


This month's tips come from Ron Wells, Resident Carver, Valley Road Woodcarvers, Silver Dollar City, MO

I use graph paper to design my carvings doing the side view first on the left hand side. The grid lines are automatically present as reference lines for doing the front view on the right hand side. For my purposes, the side view is designed first as it usually has more detail and contours than the front view. I make a pattern from the side view and trace it onto the wood. Since most of the detail is in the side view, I just make a few free-hand marks on the front of the blank after the side view is cut out. The placement of these marks is very important, however, so I pay close attention to the drawing of the front view. The front view is then cut out.


An updated list of members who have paid their dues for calendar year 1998 has been completed. If you look at the label on the front of this newsletter, there is a notice to those who have not paid their dues for this year. If you don't pay your dues before the next newsletter is sent out, this will be your last newsletter.


Although applications for the 13th Annual Southeastern Woodcarving School have begun coming in at a slower pace, response is still good. As of April 1, 1998, a total of 95 students have enrolled. Several classes are already full, with a total of several people on waiting lists! Several others are nearing capacity. There are still plenty of classes to choose from, but the earlier you register, the better your chances of getting the class you want. A reminder for P M Chippers members - don't forget that members of the club are eligible to pay the School registration fee on the "installment plan". Simply attach to the registration form a check (or cash) in the amount of $25.00 or more and a note that you wish to be on the installment plan. Your place in the class will be held pending final payment, due by June 1998.