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Itís been a busy summer this year, but now the Southeastern Woodcarving School is over and maybe things will get back to normal. Speaking for myself, there was activity at our house with visitors, club and church outings, and two weeks of travel, constantly from the middle of May until July 17. Busy, busy, busy.

It feels good now to finally be able to relax, at least until Sept. when Iím going to start building my new shop! 36' x 24' and Jean and I will do most of the work ourselves, from setting the foundation, floors, framing, roof, insulation, electrical, and interior trim. Weíll get some help, I hope, from our son-in-law whoís a framer, but heíd only be available on weekends. Sounds like a good fall and early winter project!

As I related to all who came to our house for the bar-BQ and meeting last month (it was a great turnout - I counted 27), the week at the International Woodcarverís Congress in Davenport, IA in June was fantastic! The five day class with Fred Cogelow on "Bucolic Mezzo-Relief" was by far the best class Iíve ever taken.

Been working on it now pretty steady for a week to finish it up. Iíve learned a lot about design, light and shadows, ledges, when to undercut, how deep a relief should be in 1 3/4 wood (the answer is: between 1 Ĺ"and 1 5/8" leaving 1/8" - 1/4"). "Use all the wood you can," Fred said. "You can see light through portions of some of my reliefs." I left a little under 1/4" in one place. This is probably the most complex piece Iíve ever carved and certainly the most satisfying. Itís the first design Iíve ever done that I liked, and the carving technique is ok too. If Fred teaches another class next year Iíll be the first in line!

Speaking of the Congress in Davenport, look for the show report in the October Chip Chats. I belieive thatís the month they give the report. Also look for an article by yours truly on my impression of the week. Itís supposed to appear in the same issue. Itís titled: "Soaring with Eagles." The title will make sense, I hope, when you read it.

Donít forget the August meeting on Aug. 9th. And you Board of Directors weenies: there will be a meeting at 6, just before the regular meeting. See ya there.



The 14th Annual Southeastern Woodcarving School was held July 15 - 18, 1999. This yearís School featured 17 instructors from around the southeast and in excess of 100 students. The student reviews are in and the consensus is the School was a great success. It seemed that more students were able to take home finished products this year, which means a lot of serious carving had to happen!

Many, many thanks to all of the P M Chippers and spouses that helped make the School such a success, it wouldnít have happened without the combined efforts of all involved.

Also, a big THANK YOU goes out to all of the individuals and vendors that donated items for the raffle and to those folks that begged and cajoled donations out of the less than willing!

Steve Brown

NOTES . . .

  • There has been a slight change in our mailing address. From now on all correspondence sent to the club should be address as follows:

P.M. Chippers, Inc.
PMB 153
54 Dalraida Road
Montgomery, AL. 36109-2900

( The PMB indicates "Private Mail Box").

  • Some members need to become current on their yearly dues. If you think you are overdue, want to be sure you are current on membership dues, or no longer wish to be on the membership list, please contact Bill Dillard, Treasurer.
  • Please check to see if you have any books or videos that belong to the club and return them so that others may have a chance to enjoy them. The club is still looking for a volunteer to take care of the Club Library.


Donít forget-----the August Meeting will be Monday, August 9, at the Chisholm Community Center. Donít forget -- carving begins at 6:30. Bring your knife! The meeting will begin at 7p.m.


Due to the family outing at Edís place, no official meeting took place in July. A lot of things were discussed, but the truth is... we donít know who had the biggest "story" to tell!

TID - BITS . . .

While we were at Edís house for the club lunch the other day, he showed us a "whiz-wheel" for human proportions. I have done some research and have found the supplier. The item is sold by :

Wayne Holsopple (Holsopple Carving);
Wolcott Dr.; Boston Hts., OH 44236

Cost is $10.00. Shipping and Handling are included in the price. Not a bad deal for a good tool.....

Thanks, Ed Marsalis

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