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MARCH 1998



The March meeting will be held at the Chisholm Community Center on March 9, 1998 at 7:00PM. The center is available to us from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. The monthly BOARD MEETING will be held from 6:30PM to 7:00PM before the meeting.


Ok, the weather's turning warmer and the rains have stopped, it time to get out in the fresh air and put your knife (or gouge, or burr) to wood and do some carving! A couple of great opportunities are present themselves each month to do just that. The first is driving to Santuck on the first Saturday of the month and sitting down with several of us to carve at the monthly Santuck flea market there. We're at the little former white gas station right on the corner of the only left turn in town off Hwy 9 (when travelling north). Park in Bab Brand's parking lot. The sign says "Parking $2.00", but tell them you're a woodcarver and you'll park free. You can also sell pieces there if you want. Get to Santuck early (6-6:30AM is not too early). That's when the big crowds are there. Crowds are already thinning out by 10 - 11. The second big carving opportunity (though not outdoors) is the 4th Saturday of each month at our meeting place in Chisholm Community Center from 8 - noon. Come join us!

Several of us noticed at the last meeting that a lot of you who bring carvings for the drawing are not signing your carvings. Shame! A carving (or any art or craft work, for that matter) is never finished until it's signed and dated. I just realized a few days ago that some woodturnings I did over 30 years ago were never signed. I have just flogged myself with a wet noodle thirty times for that. Sign your work however you want (carve a logo, woodburn it, pen, pencil), but sign and date it.

I will hop off my soapbox now.

See ya, March 9th at the meeting.


This month's tips come from Ron Wells, Resident Carver, Valley Road Woodcarvers, Silver Dollar City, MO

I am frequently asked what I use to antique my caricature carvings. It is a simple solution and I am happy to share it with you. Mix a quart jar of equal parts boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits. Darken with Burnt Umber Artist's oil paint (about a three inch long "worm" out of the tube).

Assuming that your have painted your carving with really thinned down paint, this antiquing will do four things for your carving. First, it will subdue the colors, making a softer, warmer tone. Second, it will fill in between borders, making the painting look much better.

Third, it will make the wood show through the paint. And fourth, it will darken the end grain and since almost every cut exposes some end grain, the cut will stand out more.

After painting, dip the carving in the antiquing or coat liberally with a foam brush and wipe off the excess. Linseed oil is organic and can cause spontaneous combustion, so take care to dispose of rags or tissue properly.