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Hopefully no one came to the Chisolm Community Center for the October meeting. As most of you know it was cancelled in favor of the fair since the club had a couple of booths set up there. Our next meeting will be at 7P.M on November 9th at the Community Center. Prior to the meeting, a board meeting will be held at 6:30P.M. Y'all come.


With the Christmas season approaching fast and slightly cooler weather here, the crowds at Santuck will surely increase. The flea market at Santuck has two Saturday's left this year for you to go and set up at Bab Brand's place. Those dates are November 7th and December 5th. This might be a chance to make a little extra money for the holiday season.


Superman, you remember, was "faster than a speeding bullet," well, I think this year has outsped the speedster himself. Can you believe it? Here it is November, already and Christmas is nipping at our heels. I hear you've had your fill of cotton candy, carmel apples, funnel cakes, and polish sausages. Well, that's why I understand the fair pulled up stakes and blew town. They said, "No more Chippers to keep us in the chips, maybe we can find more lucrative land elsewhere." That's what I heard......honest!

Speaking of the fair, the many participants in the "Whittling Contest" on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. (just in case any of you happened to miss it) were awesome. I think there was some of the cleverest, most original, and most skilled pieces carved in that one hour time limit that I ever saw. And the M.C. for the event was witty, knowledgeable, and a super good-looking stud to boot. I can't tell you (those couple of you who might have missed it) how much you did miss. The participants in the whittling contest included: Ed Beckstrom, E.A. Beckstrom, Edward Beckstrom, Edward August Beckstrom, Beckypoo, and Mr. Ed. The M.C. for the affair was The Hon. Ed Beckstrom, Esq. First place included a check for $50.00, plus ribbon went to a surprising entrant, Ed Beckstrom. (Easiest 50 bucks I ever made.) Second ($25) and Third ($15) place were not awarded (I don't understand why).

Rumor has it that the first place carving might be donated to the Woodcarver's Hall of Fame. Due to its rare beauty, its intrinsic value, and for obvious security reasons, it will not be on display until armed security guards can be procured (this on advice from Mark McGwire).

Did you happen to remember that our next meeting is coming up on Monday, November 9, at 7:00 p.m. sharp at the Chisolm Community Center? Put a big fat circle around that date on your calendar, or once again you'll miss the highlight of your month. I bear no responsibility for weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth because you missed the big event! What might you miss?

1. The annual elections!!!! There will be balloons, campaign speeches (including dirty politics, mudslinging, and all the other great symbols of our democratic society), acceptance speeches, concession speeches, tears of joy (over losing, I suppose) and sorrow (over winning). OH JOY UNBOUNDING in mudville!!!!! I can't wait!

2. There will be great plans made for our annual Christmas potluck and dinner, which will be held at the Center on December 14th. Now, we all know that those who are not present for the November meeting will be volunteered to do the set-up, clean-up, scrubbing pots and pans, and will sing Christmas carols acappella (maybe not, the Center has standards of decency). Far be it from modest ol' me to ever threaten anybody, but BE THERE OR IT'S "HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!!!"

3. There's some VERY important other business that has to be discussed in the Nov. meeting and we need your input.

Meet ya under the flying chips!


This month's tip comes from Ron Wells, Resident Carver, Valley Road Woodcarvers, Silver Dollar City, MO

Many carvers like to use sharpening systems where the speed of the wheel is greatly reduced. I like a fast speed. Sharpening is faster and it seems to me that a better edge is produced. I even use an eight inch buffing wheel because the circumference speed is faster than that of a six inch wheel. Greater care must be exercised, however. The faster speed can be more dangerous and there is greater risk of burning the tool. If you lack experience or confidence, stick to the slower speeds.