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With the Alabama National Fair in town on October 9 – 17, there will be no club meeting for October. Anyone desiring to work at the fair in the Arts and Crafts pavilion is invited to come by. The club will have two booths set up. At one booth, work will continue on Kowaliga Indian for the Hank Williams Museum. At the log cabin display, individuals can carve promoting the club. If you have a desire to work at the fair, please contact George Bryant at 269-5277 so he can arrange for you to get a pass into the fair at the desired work times.


I promise that this is going to be a short note this month. Hope you were at the last meeting; but if you weren't (tsk, tsk, tsk!). Here's a couple of items you missed (and twenty lashes with a wet noodle).

There's no meeting in October as the normal meeting date comes during the fair week, and, of course, we all know you're going to have six or seven carvings entered in the fair, thus there will be no time for you to get to a meeting. You'll be gorging yourself with cotton candy, elephant ears, polish sausages, and riding all the rides, winning all the cupie dolls, and, of course, standing proudly next to your blue ribbon entry as Aunt Agnes snaps 12 shots of you and your work of art! Remember now, your carvings must be entered in the fair on Oct 2, 3, or 4 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Don't disappoint me now!

And we'll see you at our November meeting on Nov. 9. Speaking of November, just a reminder that we'll be electing a new slate of officers at that meeting. Four of the smartest, handsomest, most beautiful, and humble of members have agreed to serve on our nominating committee (including "yours truly" --that's to ensure that I don't get nominated again -- and notice how neatly I fit into the above description). If you are asked to serve one of the elected positions, just remember: duty, honor, country (for those interested in the Presidency of this august assemblage -- we have no interns working here!).

Our December meeting on Dec. 14 will be our annual Christmas dinner/meeting once again held at the Chisholm Community Center. It will be potluck again with the club furnishing the meat and drinks. Mark it on your calendar. We'll let you know the exact time later (which means we didn't think to set a time -- yet).

See ya at the Alabama National Fair, Oct 9-17.


This month’s tip comes from Ron Wells, Resident Carver, Valley Road Woodcarvers, Silver Dollar City, MO

When I first started carving, I attended several carving club meetings in Jasper, AR. Two elderly ladies in attendance used hook boards much like relief carvers use to help them hold the work piece while doing in-the-round figure carving. They did this primarily because they lacked strength in their hands. I have since always used the workbench to support the blank while doing in-the-round carving. The workbench provides much more solid support than the hand which tends to give when you make a cut. Using the workbench to support the blank also provides a great deal of safety. You can hold the blank from the top while cutting down toward the workbench. A slip sends the tool into the workbench and not into the hand. Ouch!!!


The following tip was sent to the Chattanooga Woodcarvers July Newsletter by William Aker (


If you have cypress knees that still have the bark on them, the need to be boiled until the bark breaks off easily. You want to avoid stripping a green knee with a knife or sanding it as that will ruin all those beautiful contours, and rambling flowing lines that suggest so many things. Boiled and dry, you should have golden brown highlighted by a glorious cream color. This needs no stain other than a light protective sealer (perhaps a little walnut stain for depth and detail). Wizards, gnomes, wood spirits/sprites, dragons, trolls, fantasy flowers…look with your heart and imagination and you will see wondrous things to bring forth for all to see!.



The Alabama Gulf Coast Woodcarvers’ Club (AGCWC) is sponsoring their 1st Annual Wood Carving Show on Saturday, Nov 14 at Foley Civic Center in Foley, Alabama. The show is open to the public from 10:0a.m. until 5:00p.m. The cost to enter an item is $5 for the first item in a category and $3 for an additional item in the same category (2 maximum entries in the same category). The public will be admitted free to the show.


Oct 3-4 ------ Tannehill Woodcarver’ 13th Annual Show. Tannehill, AL

Oct 10-11 --- Chattanooga Wood Carvers Wonder in Wood Show, Chattanooga, TN

Oct 17-18 --- Mossy Creek Barnyard Festival, Perry, GA


Carole Jean Boyd wants to schedule a class in cypress knee carving of either a Santa Claus or mountain man. The class will be held in November. The length of the class will depend whether the Santa or mountain man is done. A sign-up sheet was provided at the last meeting. If you weren’t able to get your name on the list or unable to attend but would like to be a part of the class, please call her before the end of October.