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14th Annual

Southeastern Woodcarving School


The Prattville / Montgomery (P.M.) Chippers Inc. Woodcarving Club is proud to sponsor the Fourteenth Annual Southeastern Woodcarving School (SWS) on July 15 through 18, 1999 at Hooper Academy, Hope Hull, AL. The facility is at exit 164 off I-65 (5.5 miles south from the South Blvd. in Montgomery.

General Information

Area Lodging

Area Addresses

Carving Classes

Craft Classes

School Schedule




Display Tables

Vendor Sales Area


School Schedule:
All classes are three days in length, beginning at 8:00 a.m., Friday, July 16, 1999, and ending at 3:00 p.m., Sunday, July 18, 1999. During the initial class meeting the instructors will set the class hours. The classrooms are available Friday and Saturday 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., and Sunday 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

On-site registration / check in starts at 3:00 p.m., Thursday, July 15, 1999 in the gym (first large building as you enter the campus). A "release from liability" form for the P.M. Chippers, Inc. Woodcarving Club, the Southeastern Woodcarving School and Hooper Academy must be signed by all students at check-in. Orientation is in the auditorium, across the road from the gym at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, July 15, 1999. Classes will be held in the main building and in the gym. The West Parking Lot is the most convenient to the main building and classrooms. All meals and refreshment breaks are in the cafeteria, same building as the gym. The vendor sales tables, display tables and P.M. Chipper tables are in the gym.

A fee of $150.00 is charged to all woodcarving students and $75.00 for all craft students. The fee includes class instruction, three breakfasts, three lunches and five refreshment breaks. No evening meals will be provided. No sleeping facilities are available on campus.

Please review the list of classes and the instructors that are available. Note the level of experience and the tools needed for each class. The cost of blanks and other materials provided by the instructor is payable to the individual instructor and is not included in the class fees. The number of students in a class is limited by the instructor and size of rooms. Therefore, each applicant should choose three classes and list them in order of preference. If a class limit is reached, SWS reserves the right to place an applicant in his/her next choice, unless you specifically indicate on the application that you do not want a second or third choice. SWS will place you on a waiting list for your first choice and notify you if it becomes available before the beginning of the school. SWS will hold your money pending an opening in a class or the school itself, unless you state otherwise.

To be placed on our mailing list, send your name and snail-mail address to:

Southeastern Woodcarving School
54 Dalraida Road Box 153
Montgomery, AL 36109

OR: email -

A raffle for "goodies and stuff" will be held Saturday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. Separate drawings will be held for a variety of items, including carving and craft supplies as well as general items not unique to carving or crafts. Tickets will be available from the P. M. Chippers table in the gym throughout the school. Please plan on attending the raffle Saturday afternoon. Please note: You must be present to win!

Display Tables:
There will be exhibit tables available in the gym for all who attend. Please bring a favorite item that you would like to display. Identify each item with your name and hometown; the type of material(s) used (i.e., type of wood, resin, etc.); school or class where the item was created, or personal project; and any other information that you think would make the item more interesting to the viewers. Sample identification forms will be available at the registration table for your convenience.

Vendor Sales Area:
In the gym, an area has been set aside for visiting vendors to show and sell their wares. If you need carving tools, books or other accessories, you will have the opportunity to purchase the needed items. Each vendor present is also an instructor in the school, so please be generous with your support. The vendors will generally be open before class each morning, during breaks and lunch and after class in the evening. Tool sharpening and general consultation is also available.

Mini-classes will be held in the evenings between 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm, each day. These classes will be on a first come - first served basis. Tickets will be required to attend a mini-class. A fee of $5.00 will be charged for each ticket, limit of one ticket per person per day (in other words, more than one ticket cannot be purchased for a specific class). Students will need to purchase any blanks and/or supplies from the instructors the night of the class. The actual classes are still being lined up, a complete list will be available at registration.



Hotels & Motels


The following information is provided as a service, P M Chippers and Southeastern Woodcarving School does not recommend or endorse any listing and cannot be held accountable for errors, misrepresentations or out of date information.



250 Fischer Rd. Hope Hull, AL (334) 288-0728
Rt. 1, Box 154 Hope Hull, AL 36043 (Exit 164 off I-65 on Fischer Rd., 1/4 mile from Hooper Academy.)
Drive through, full hook up sites, pool and store are available; but credit cards are not accepted.


A list of area hotels and motels will be provided, upon request, with class confirmation. Please check the appropriate area on the class registration form.


Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce

P. O. Box 79
Montgomery, AL 36101-0079
(334) 240-9455

Montgomery Visitors Center

401 Madison Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36101-0079
(334) 262-0013


Steve Brown-Caricatures & Pen Figures

Nancy Crippen-Realistic Raccoon

Michael & Judy Denton-Carving Wizards, Elves And Gnomes

Carol Happley-Carving a Blue Gill

Carlan Honaker-Angel or Santa

Clarence Leslie-Clown Caricature

George Nelson-Saw Whet Owl

Opal Powers-Common Yellowthroat

Mac Proffitt-Carving a Hillbilly

Red Rainey-Low Relief & Chip Carving

Jim Rives-Carving an Indian Bust

Larry Rogers-Sea Captain Bust

Steve Schoolar-Portraits in Relief

Cecil Walley-Wolf or Bear Bust

Randy Walters-Deep Relief

Gene Webb-Bobcat Head



Caricatures & Pen Figures - Steve Brown.

Students may work on a blank of Steve's, their own, someone else's or carve pen figures using Steve's new book (Carving Pen Figures) or just work on facial expressions. Each student will receive individualized help from Steve. You may bring your own project or choose from a variety of roughouts available from the instructor. This is Steve's second year at SWS and comes from Madisonville, KY.

Realistic Raccoon - Nancy Crippen.

Nancy will teach how to carve a realistic raccoon. This class will be an excellent opportunity to learn how to carve a realistic animal. Nancy is a long time member of the P M Chippers club.

Carving Wizards, Elves And Gnomes - Michael & Judy Denton.

Learn to carve a four to six-inch wizard, elf, or gnome. Select from several available patterns and capture a folk or fantasy caricature. This class stresses basic carving and safety techniques as well as detailing and texturing. Project clean-up and finishing also will be covered. Ideas for display of this project, along with ideas for other similar projects, will be explored as time permits. Beginner and intermediate carvers will enjoy creating one of these caricatures. Michael and Judy are returning for their second year and come to us from Mountain Star Studios in Roanoke, Virginia. Email: URL:

Carving a Blue Gill - Carol Happley.

Students will learn to carve a realistic blue gill. Project will start from a blank and progress through all the steps to burning in scales, then painting. Correct anatomical detail will be stressed. The fish will be hand painted with brushes and Carol will guide the student in soft blending of colors and applying detail. Carol competes all over the U.S. and has won many awards for both fish and birds. She has been teaching for the past nine years and has taught at the Minnesota Villa Maria Woodcarving Workshops and the War Eagle seminars in Arkansas, as well as private studies in her home.

Angel or Santa - Carlan Honaker.

Carlan is a veteran of the Southeastern Woodcarving School. Carlan will teach how to carve an angel with a trumpet, about 10" tall or a Santa with bells, approximately 8" tall.

Clown Caricature - Clarence Leslie.

Class will carve a clown caricature with baggy clothes, balancing a feather on his nose.

Saw Whet Owl - George Nelson.

George will teach students how to carve a Saw Whet Owl. For those that wish to finish duck carvings from previous classes, you may bring them in and finish them. George, a long-standing veteran of the Southeastern Woodcarving School, is an expert bird and waterfowl carver. He owns and operates a woodcarving supply business in Foley, Alabama.

Brown Pelican - Larry Nowell.

Larry will present a systematic approach to carving a brown pelican on a nautical piling. The brown pelican is a frequent visitor to the Gulf Coast and can often be seen perched on a post. Instruction will be supplemented with pictures and a progressive study cast. Larry will explain and demonstrate each step of the carving / burning / painting / finishing process and assist each carver to ensure understanding. Larry is a retired teacher now carving and instructing full-time, this is his first year at SWS. Email:

Realistic Common Yellowthroat - Opal Powers.

Opal will teach how to carve, texture, and wood burn a Common Yellowthroat. If time allows, students will also paint the finished bird. Opal concentrates on realism in bird carving learning from observation, photos and research material. This project can be completed in three days, but students should be aware that work during the evening hours may be required. Opal has been teaching realistic bird carving for over five years at SWS, John C. Campbell, Mt. Majesty (NM) Workshops and in private classes. Email:

Carving a Hillbilly - Mac Proffitt.

Learn to carve a Tennessee Hillbilly from the old hillbilly himself. Mac will take you from scratch to a completed hillbilly and you can add your own hillbilly features to fit your idea of a Tennessee hillbilly. Or, students may elect to carve their hillbilly into a Santa. Students should be able to finish a project in class (except painting). Learn carving techniques as well as hear Mac's hillbilly stories (not required to stay in the room at this time!). Mac hails from Townsend, Tenn. where he is co-owner of Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers Supply.

Low Relief and Chip Carving - M. W. "Red" Rainey.

Students will be instructed on low relief and chip carving; the student can choose which one or take both. Low relief carving is decorative carving where the background material is cut away leaving the design raised and Afinished@ so the design appears to be laying on the background. Chip carving is carving an incised, geometric pattern on a plate or plaque using any straight-blade carving knife. Emphasis will be on clean, clear cuts and following a pattern precisely. Each student should be able to complete one project in low relief and one in chip carving, if both are chosen. Or you may choose to do one or more project in either low relief or chip carving. Projects will be available for any skill level. Red has been instructing at the Southeastern Woodcarving School since its inception. Red studied under a Japanese master carver for two years while serving in Japan with the U. S. Army. He has also studied with Chris Effrem, Fred Carrington, Harold Enlow, Helen Gibson and Hal McClure.

Carving a Indian Bust - Jim Rives.

In this class students will enjoy carving either a 9 1/2'" tall ALIBAMU or CHIPPEWA Indian bust. Emphasis will be placed on details and individuality of facial features. Each student will be given a prepared folder useful in laying out the eyes, mouth, nose, etc. Each prepared blank has been closely machined so that 'clean-up' of the blank will ready it for details. This class requires 'hard work' but the reward is an excellent carving plus the information and skills needed to carve a human bust on a repeat basis. The instructor will also demonstrate his oil staining technique. Jim is new to SWS this year, having studied under John Burke, Cecil Walley, Desiree Hajny, and Nancy Crippen. Jim has taught classes at Faulkner State Community College and Tannehill Woodcarvers. Jim can be contacted at

Sea Captain Bust - Larry Rogers

Students will learn to carve a bust of a Sea Captain or was that a Pirate? During this class, concentration will be on understanding the proportion of facial features and the chisel cuts used to bring a life-like face out of a block of wood. There will be a model to carve from, but projects will be flexible. Expect to work on a figure about 6" x 8" x 12-14". Larry comes to us from Chattanooga, TN. He has been carving for over 15 years and has studied with renowned carvers George Nelson and John Burke. Larry began as a devoted bird carver, but in recent years has turned his attention to human bust carving. He has taught at the Tennessee Valley Woodcarving School and John C Campbell Folk School and is a member of the Chattanooga, Southeastern and National Woodcarvers Association and the national Sculptor Society.

Portrait Carving in Relief - Steve Schoolar.

This class takes the student through the process and all the steps involved in learning to carve any portrait in relief from a photo or from real life. Student uses full size mallet and gouge carving tools provided by instructor. Topics covered: wood, perspective, carving techniques, finishes, backgrounds, displaying and mistake corrections. The class project will be carving a portrait of an American Indian. Students will be able to finish or be very near finished with entire project. Students will gain knowledge and skill of "how to" carve any portrait in relief. Prior carving experience is needed but no experience with full size gouges and mallet is required. Steve comes to us from Fort Worth, TX where he is a full time sculptor working in the medium of wood. Steve has studied with top wood sculptors in the U.S. and England and teaches throughout the U.S.

Wolf or Bear Bust - Cecil Walley.

This class will teach a bust of a realistic wolf or black bear - student's choice. Both can be made from the same blank. Special emphasis will be given to texturing with a v-gouge and wood burner.

Deep Relief - Randy Walters.

This project will be a deep relief country scene, consisting of an old barn, trees, windmill, out building and a rock fence. Pattern will be outlined on the blank, elevations will be established and excess wood will already be removed to save class time. Randy has been carving seriously for the last fifteen years and has studied with James Cecil, Jim Wilsford, John Burke, Tom Swearingen, Kirk Curtis and Roy Hellman. He has taught classes around southeast and is a blue ribbon winner. This is Randy's first year at SWS.

Bobcat Head - Gene Webb.

Gene will teach you how to carve a bobcat head, complete with open mouth. The head of an animal is the most difficult part of the animal to learn to carve and now you can learn from a master. You will learn to carve teeth, tongue, eyes and how to carve and burn hair as well as proportions and painting. Gene Webb has been carving for over 28 years and has won numerous ribbons including Best of Show, Carvers Choice and Peoples Choice. He is the Carver-in-Residence at the Smoky Mountain School of Woodcarving in Townsend, TN. Gene excels, not in carving, but with his people skills.


Folk Art Painting - Ethel Green

Ethel will teach students the art of folk painting on gourds, Terra Cotta flower pots, wood etc. Students can also bring their own projects. Ethel has been painting for the past 25 years. She has won Best of Fair for Folk Art for several years at the South Alabama State Fair and has sold her gourd birdhouses for as much as $60.00.